•  What does the school counselor do at school?

    • Coordinates our guidance program based on campus needs
    • Teaches classroom guidance lessons 
    • Counsels with students individually and/or in groups
    • Assists in crisis situations
    • Helps to identify individual students needs
    • Conducts conferences with parents
    • Helps students acquire age-appropriate knowledge and skills within the following content areas:
      1. Self-confidence development
      2. Motivation to succeed
      3. Decision making, goal setting
      4. Interpersonal effectiveness
      5. Communication skills
      6. Cross-cultural effectiveness
      7. Responsible behavior
      8. Conflict resolution
      9. Problem-solving skills
    Lunch Bunch
    Student or students meet for lunch with the counselor for team building and/or support academically, socially and emotionally. 
    ***A school counselor is not trained to do therapy; therefore, if a need for individual counseling is recognized, community referrals for outside resources may be shared or requested***