• Mrs. Couch's PACE Schedule
    Monday- Bryson Elementary
                    2nd and 3rd Grade PACE (A.M.)
                    4th and 5th Grade PACE (P.M.)
    Tuesday-Eagle Mountain Elementary               
                     4th Grade PACE  (A.M.)
                     Talent Pools (P.M.)
                    District PACE Meeting (2:30 P.M. at Comanche Springs)
    Wednesday-Eagle Mountain Elementary
                      5th  Grade PACE (A.M.)
                      5th  Grade PACE (P.M.)
     Thursday-Eagle Mountain Elementary
                       3rd Grade PACE (A.M.)
                               2nd Grade PACE (P.M.)
       Friday-Saginaw Elementary
                    4th and 5th Grade PACE (A.M.)
                    2nd and 3rd Grade PACE  (P.M.)
    These days may be subject to change during times when I am testing.  The easiest way to find me is through e-mail at scouch@ems-isd.net