• Who Might Be Gifted?


    1.    Shows a great deal of curiosity about studying different topics.  Asks many questions in class to the point of driving other students and the teacher “up the wall”.

    2.    Has many different interests and hobbies, and shows definite preferences for working on specific academic subjects or other activities.

    3.    Attends to different lessons and tasks far beyond the average attention span of other children his age level.

    4.    Exhibits a high energy level that is usually directed towards completing a specific task.

    5.    Shows advanced reading, writing, language, and math skills.  Likes to improve these skills by working alone in the classroom and at home.

    6.    Has an exceptional memory for details, and can engage in abstract thinking that is very advanced for his age.

    7.    Develops imaginative and original solutions to problems.




    Characteristics Parents Might Identify


    1.    Early speech (used complex sentences at 2 or 3 years of age).

    2.    Accelerated motor development (begins walking at about 10 months or sooner).

    3.    Learns to read or write at about 4 years.  These skills are usually self-taught.

    4.    Develops an intense interest in specific subjects at an early age, e.e., arithmetic, drawing, music and learning about different types of animals.

    5.    Highly motivated to solve different types of problems.  Likes to play and work independently of parents and other children, but will participate in group activities and ask for help when needed.