• Multimedia Resources

    EMS ISD Teachers have access to Discovery Education Streaming, Teaching Books, and World & I Schools. Your Campus Technology Integrator will share information with you on how to set up your accounts. 

    discovery streaming

    Discovery Education Streaming is an amazing resource for digital classroom media.With over 125,000 multimedia components, the digital video based content covers a wide range of subjects and easily integrates into the curriculum. Along with student accounts to assign content, they include classroom tools such as the Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder, Writing Prompt Builder, Progress Zone and Board Builder.
    Assignment Builder- Build and store assignments for your students that use Discovery Education content.
    Quiz Builder- Incorporate video clips into interactive quizzes for students and deliver them online.
    Writing Prompt Builder- Give students writing practice with images and videos that include composition prompts and deliver them online. 
    Board Builder- Create engaging digital projects or online posters showing student's research and presentation.
     Discovery Education Streaming Handouts

    Teaching Books is a time saving portal to thousands of online resources to explore children's and your adult books and their authors. Immediate access to short movies, audiobook readings, book discussions and more.