•  Ladies,First!


    Ladies, First! empowers young women from diverse backgrounds to become strong, motivated leaders in our school, our community, and our world. We do this by generating self-respect, love, and awareness in a positive and productive environment.


    Ladies, First! adheres to the character pillars of empathy, integrity, kindness, leadership, self-respect and trust.  These pillars are the foundation upon which all organizational actions are based.  Through an established curriculum, members will learn to define and enact these pillars in their daily lives.


    The Ladies, First! organization is represented by two colors: metallic silver and ultramarine blue.  Metallic silver symbolizes dignity, modesty, and intelligence while ultramarine blue symbolizes trust, confidence, and loyalty.


    The name Ladies, First! reflects two important concepts.  The first is that the members should conduct themselves as a lady (a strong, empowered, and self-respecting young woman) would regardless of external influences.  Secondly, the name combats historical, societal structures which suggest women are not the equals of men.  The font “Ladies, First!” reflects dignified feminine qualities and the strength of the organization and of its individual members.