Article I

    Name and Purpose


    Section 1:       The name of the organization shall be the Wayside Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society of the Secondary Schools (NJHS).


    Section 2:       The purposes of this chapter shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character and citizenship in the students of Wayside Middle School.


    Section 3:       The Wayside Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society shall be subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the National Junior Honor Society.


    Article II



    Section 1:       Membership in this chapter shall be based upon scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship, and service.  Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.


    Section 2:       The faculty council shall reserve the right to award honorary membership to school officials, principals, teachers, NJHS advisers, or others in recognition of outstanding service to the school in keeping with the purpose of the National Junior Honor Society.


    Section 3:       Candidates become members when inducted at a special ceremony.


    Section 4:       A NJHS member who transfers to another school and brings a letter from the former principal or chapter adviser to the new school adviser shall be accepted automatically as a member in the new school’s chapter.  Transfer members must meet the new chapter’s standards within one semester in order to retain membership.


    Section 5:       Members who resign or are dismissed are never again eligible for membership in NJHS.


    Section 6:       Candidates for membership shall have spent at least the equivalent of one semester at Wayside Middle School.  Candidates eligible for election to the chapter shall have a scholastic average of 93 or above in academic courses, not including electives.  (Academic courses for eighth graders include math, history, science, language arts.  Seventh grade academic courses include math, history, science, language arts, literature.)  Final selection of members will be based upon a combination of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.


    Article III

    Election and Dismissal of Members


    Section 1:       Membership in the Wayside Middle School Chapter of the NJHS is open to students whose standards of scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship, and service are far above those of the average student.


                            Election of members shall be based on the following criteria:


    Criterion 1:      All candidates must have attended Wayside Middle School for the equivalent of one semester.


    Criterion 2:      Candidates for membership shall have maintained an overall average of 93 or above in all ACADEMIC courses undertaken during the candidate’s middle school enrollment. The core subjects (ELA, literature, math science, social studies) averaged together should be 93 or above.  (Averages are not rounded up or down).  For calculation purposes only, 5 points will be added to the numeric grade in GT/Pre AP classes.


    Criterion 3:      Students who have been in the Special Assignment Class or have been suspended from school for any reason during the year in which they are being considered for membership are not eligible for admission to NJHS.


    Criterion 4:      Each candidate must complete and return a student information sheet that will include a list of school activities and service to the community and/or school, as well as an explanation for any citizenship or disciplinary infractions on the candidate’s record.  This information will be evaluated by the Faculty Council, who will have final approval for membership.   The final selection of members shall be by the approval of the Faculty Advisory Council based on the determination of character, leadership, citizenship and service.


    Criterion 5:      An active member of the NJHS who transfers from another accredited school will be accepted for membership in this chapter.


    Section 2:       Guidelines for Probation and Dismissal


                            PROBATION is defined as a loss of all NJHS privileges for a period designated by the Faculty Council.  Privileges include, but are not limited to, participation in any meetings, elections, or society functions.  A written notice of probation will be issued by the Faculty Council, and a copy will be kept on file for future reference.  No NJHS member will be issued more than one probation.  Any subsequent infraction will result in dismissal.  For flagrant violations of civil or school rules, dismissal will result without prior probation.


    1. Citizenship


    1. Assignment to special Assignment Class or suspension from school will result in dismissal from the National Junior Honor Society.


    1. The following offenses (not necessarily resulting in SAC) may result in dismissal from the National Junior Honor Society:


    1. Cheating
    2. Vandalism
    3. Theft
    4. Use of drugs/alcohol on school property or at a school function
    5. Obscene acts or language
    6. Flagrant disrespect for authority
    7. Truancy
    8. Fighting
    9. Unsatisfactory citizenship grades
    10. Any second cause for probation


    1. Scholarship


    1. Two or more grades below 75 during a single six week grading period will result in dismissal.


    1. One grade below 75 during one six weeks grading period will result in probation.


    1. The member is required at this time to provide explanation for academic deficiency.


    1. Any subsequent grade below 75 may result in dismissal.


    • Attendance


    1. Failure to attend two (2) NJHS functions will result in probation.


    1. NJHS functions include all meetings and service projects.


    1. Any member unable to attend a function is required to submit a written excuse to the faculty adviser prior to the function.


    1. Appeals


    1. Every member of NJHS has the right to appeal to the Faculty Council for the following reasons:


    1. The member feels he/she has bee unjustly placed on probation.
    2. The member feels he/she has been unjustly dismissed from the NJHS.
    3. There exists an outstanding reason for academic non-performance.
    4. There exists an outstanding reason for deficit in citizenship.


    1. Any notice of appeal must be made in writing and submitted to an NJHS adviser within ten (10) school days after the receipt of probation or dismissal.


    Section 3:       When a member is dismissed, his/her emblem shall be returned to the sponsor of the chapter.  Notice of such action must be reported to the National Secretary of the NJHS.


    Article IV



    Section 1:       The officers of this chapter shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Reporter.


    Section 2:       A majority of votes cast shall be necessary to elect any officer of this chapter.


    Section 3:       It shall be the duty of the President to preside at the meetings of the chapter.


    Section 4:       The Vice President shall fill the chair of the President in case of absence and otherwise assist in carrying out plans of the chapter.


    Section 5:       The chapter secretary shall keep the minutes of meetings, a record of business, and all records on file.


    Section 6:       The reporter shall be in charge of publicizing chapter activities.



    Article V



    Section 1:       The activities of this chapter shall be subject to the approval of the advisers and the principal.


    Section 2:       This chapter will operate with the guidance of a faculty council consisting of five voting faculty members appointed by the principal.  The chapter adviser shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the council.  The faculty council will meet to select members and consider dismissal, non-selection, and warning cases.


    Article VI



    Section 1:       The regular meeting of the chapter shall be held once a month during the school year to conform to the regular program of the school.


    Section 2:       The officers of the chapter shall be elected by the membership.