• Purdue Owl's Directions for how to do an Annotated Bibliography:

    Annotated Bibliography Directions


    Purdue Owl's explanation for what goes into an Annotated Bibliography:

    Annotated Bibliography Explanation


    Purdue Owl's example for what a finished Annotated Bibliography looks like:

    Annotated Bibliography Examples


    You can set up an EasyBib account to create your Annotated Bibliography. All of the information you enter for your sources will be stored in your account. You can even add annotations and it will store your annotated bibliography. This is a GREAT way to keep track of your sources so that you don't lose them! When your sources with annotations (notes) are complete, you can export them to Microsoft Word and format them the rest of the way there. 

    EasyBib for Citations


    This is a great source for finding statistical data on salaries, prevalence of jobs, cost of living, etc. on a specific career/job, by state and nationally.  

    United States Census Bureau


    Here you can search a large collection of peer-reviewed academic journals. You can search by subject and find publications from specific fields. This is an excellent place to find sources!!!

    Academic Journal Search