Teachers in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD have been using technology in the classroom to enhance learning for several years. In 2015-2016 EMS ISD launched the next phase of digital learning and is encouraging students to bring approved personal internet-enabled devices to school to use during instructional time each day. The "Bring Your Own Device" initiative is one way the district is integrating technology into the curriculum to deepen and expand learning opportunities for students. In EMS ISD, we focus on providing learning that is rigorous and relevant so as to engage students in the present and further prepare them for the futures that await them in college, workforce, military, and future careers.
    Technology can be a powerful tool for learning. Digital environments can connect students' learning with real-world happenings and foster a deeper understanding of the relevance of their learning. Digital environments can allow students to expand their learning outside the walls of their school and engage in a way that is geared more to the digital generation. Students will be able to engage in large group, small group, or individual lessons at a new level as they collaborate, research information, and create solutions for problems that are multi-stepped and open-ended. Additionally, teachers will be able to provide assessment opportunities that are time-bound and relevant to the learning. The use of technology in the classroom through a learning platform style of instruction will further expand future-ready skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and global-mindedness.
    All EMS ISD students will have the opportunity to engage in digital learning in some manner throughout the school year, regardless of whether or not they bring a personal device. Teachers have already been incorporating technology into learning through iPads and mobile carts, and we will continue to expand these resources each year as funds allow. In conjunction with the BYOD initiative, EMS ISD also is implementing a DYOD program, or Donate Your Old Device. Anyone who wants to donate a device that is no longer in use is encouraged to drop them off at any EMS ISD school. Donated devices will be refurbished and repurposed for use by students in classrooms.
    Additional information and resources about these new initiatives are available at the links below. We are excited to take this next step in digital learning to further benefit our students! Please click the buttons below for more information.
    P&S Teachers and students Policy Agreement