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    September 5, 2017


    Dear Parents or Guardians,


    I will be your child’s Chemistry teacher for the 2017- 2018 school year. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously, and I will do the best possible job to ensure that your child receives a quality science education.


    Chemistry is a topic that surrounds us and is involved in nearly every industry. Chemistry is found in cleaning products, cooking, our emotions, medications and so much more.


    Each six weeks, you will be able to view a list of topics that will be covered for the grading period. Students will be first investigating topics in chemistry. During the first six weeks, the students will be learning about the following:


    ·         Lab Safety

    ·         Experimental Design

    ·         Measurement

    ·         Scientific Method

    ·         Matter- States, Mixtures, Properties and Changes


    While this course can be challenging, I aim to make it as interesting and interactive as possible by designing activities to assist and reinforce learning. Students will perform inquiry-based labs, complete activities and projects, and learn real world applications of the topics they are studying.


    In order to help all of my students to succeed in my class, I am asking my students to finish assignments on time, and I encourage them to ask questions in class and outside of class. I will be available before school, during lunch and after school. In addition, Students are most academically successful when parents are involved in their education. I would like to ask that you positively support your child in attendance and participation. Please encourage your child to be active and responsible in keeping up with his or her work.


    I am looking forward to the 2016-2017 school year and to working with the students assigned to my classes. I know it will be a successful year with all of us working together. Please feel free to email (eroland@ems-isd.net) or call me at school to discuss concerns.


    Mrs. Ebony Roland



    Canvas Learning Management System
    October 2015

    Ranger Family,


    As part of our commitment to Aspire 2022’s Strategic Objective to equip students with innovative technological skills to compete and contribute in a constantly evolving global society, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD is utilizing Canvas, a learning management system. Recently, the system has been adopted by notable higher education institutions, including UT-Austin, Baylor, SMU, Harvard, as well as other Texas school districts.  Canvas has also been adopted by education service center, Region 11, which provides professional development and educational support for school districts in our region including EMSISD.   

    Canvas provides an online solution for teachers to upload lesson content, provide online assessments, and allow for communication and collaboration. Canvas is a digital learning environment that can manage multiple aspects of the learning process.  Over time, throughout the training and implementation process, Canvas can become a platform for blended learning opportunities for students, and professional learning opportunities for EMSISD teachers and staff.  Use of a learning management system can provide a way for teachers to connect digital tools in one essential location. 

    For the 2016-2017 school year, the district is following an implementation plan to ensure the effective roll-out of Canvas in Eagle Mountain Saginaw which utilizes Canvas at the Secondary level for teachers and students.  Elementary implementation for this school year will focus on teacher use of Canvas to access for instructional resources, Professional Learning Communities, and professional learning.   

    The initial phase of Canvas implementation includes:

    ·       Training

    ·       Campus communication of expectations

    ·       Instructional technology roll out of Office 365 student accounts

    ·       Secondary Student Canvas Account Implementation








    As campuses become more proficient in the many capabilities of Canvas offerings, teachers and students can use Canvas to:

    ·       Align assignments to standards and use applications to gather formative assessment data

    ·       Utilize integrated web tools within the Canvas interface

    ·       Provide students with written, audio, or video feedback, peer-review, multiple revision/ submission opportunities

    ·       Send push-notifications to students

    ·       Interact with class content, assignments, quizzes

    ·       Share documents

    ·       Build ePortfolios

    ·       Track student progress with teacher feedback tools

    ·       Receive course announcements on preferred devices

    ·       Collaborate via system messaging



    The first year of Canvas implementation will give teachers adequate time to build courses and add components for student learning.  Through time, teachers will develop more tools for parents to support student learning.  In this first year of implementation, secondary parents may access Canvas via their students’ accounts.


    If you have any questions concerning the use of CANVAS, please feel free to contact your student’s teachers or campus administration so that we may assist. 


    Have a wonderful day!



    Dr. Dana Barnes


    Chisholm Trail High School






    I am so excited for this  year and glad that you are in my class.  Find my schedule and a link to my Canvas page below.
    Daily Schedule:
    1st - debate
    2nd- chemistry
    3rd- chemistry
    4th - lunch
    5th- chemistry
    6th - chemistry
    7th - conference
    8th - chemistry
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