Señora Kelleher

    Español II Course Syllabus 



    • To help students become proficient in reading, writing and speaking basic Spanish
    • To prepare students for AP Spanish courses
    • To give students the valuable job skill of being able to speak Spanish
    • To acquaint students with the customs, traditions, literature, history and music of Spanish Speaking countries.
    • To encourage students to develop good study habits and become independent learners


    Supplies needed:

    Every day, every student will need:

    • A folder with brads and pockets (to be left in the classroom)
    • A spiral notebook   (to be left in the classroom)
    • Blue or black pens and/or pencils  (these items should be brought to class every day, but can stay in their backpack)


    In addition, I am requesting that each class period bring a specific supply to be used as a group during class:

    • 1st period- tissues
    • 4th  period- scissors
    • 6th period- colored markers 
    • 7th period- tissues
    • 8th period- colored markers 

    Grading Policy:


    • Major Grades ( tests, projects, presentations, etc.) make up 60 % of the overall 6 weeks average
    • Minor Grades  ( daily work, quizzes, etc. ) make up the other 40% of the 6 weeks average


    • Late work will be accepted up to 3 days late with the following penalties:


    1 school day late = A maximum score of 85

    2 school days late = A maximum score of 70

    3 school days late = A maximum score of 60

    3+ days late= Work will not be accepted more than 3 days past the due date and a 0 will be recorded in the gradebook.


    Re-doing or Re-testing Guidelines


    Failing Grades- Should a student fail a “summative or major” assignment such as a test or a project with a grade of less than 70, they are encouraged to see me within 3 days of the grade being posted in Skyward and schedule a time during tutorials to review the material and re-submit the assignment for a maximum grade of 70.


    Passing Grades- Students who pass an assignment with a grade between 70 and 84 are also allowed the opportunity to see myself in tutorials to review the material and re-submit the assignment for a maximum grade of 85.


    **** I do not offer individual extra credit to bring grades up. Please be responsible with your work and take advantage of class-wide extra credit opportunities when and if offered. ****


    Make-up Work:


    1. It is your responsibility to speak with me on the day you return to class after an absence to see what work you missed. You will have a day for each day you were absent plus one extra day to turn in any missed work. Try your best to avoid being absent if possible. Getting behind in high school can cause you to get behind and have a negative effect on your grades. You may find any handouts from the day you missed in the red folders on the wall. 


    1. Tests and quizzes must be taken within 1 week of day missed during tutorials outside of class time. Example: if absent on Wednesday, test or quiz should be made up by the following Wednesday.


    Student Expectations:

    1. Be On time
    2. Be Prepared
    3. Be Respectful 
    4. Be On Task 


    Student Consequences:

    • Warning
    • Time out/ written reflection
    • Lunch Detention and Parent Phone Call
    • Referral to the AP’s office


    Tutorials:  If you do not understand something we went over in class and need extra help before a test or quiz, would like to re-do a failing assignment or just want help studying, PLEASE COME SEE ME IN TUTORIALS! My tutorial times are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:20-5:00pm or the last 20 minutes of 5th period lunch Monday-Thursday.


    Contact Information:

    Señora Kelleher can be reached by phone at (817) 232-7112 ext 7126


     or by email at kkelleher@ems-isd.net


    My conference period is every day during 2nd period


    My daily schedule is as follows: 

    1st period- Spanish 2

    2nd Period- Conference

     3rd Period- Department Chair Conference

    4th Period- Spanish 2

    5th Period- Lunch

    6th Period- Spanish 2

    7th Period- Spanish 2 

    8th Period- Spanish 2