• Creekview Middle School

    Physical Education Syllabus


    Rules and Regulations:

    • Listen and follow instructions.
    • Students are not allowed to leave the gym without permission from the coach.
    • Students entering the gym are not to touch any equipment until told to do so by the coach. This includes any permanent structures, such as basketball goals, volleyball nets, or any other item that may be set up for P.E. or athletics.
    • Gum, candy, food, and drinks are not allowed in the gym or in the locker room at any time
    • Horseplay, fighting, and profanity are not permitted during class, whether the class is in the gym or outside.
    • Lanyards are to stay in your hall locker. Do not bring them into the gym for P.E.

    6th Grade Pre-Athletics:

    • 6th grade pre-athletics, all students are required to dress out for P.E. This includes an appropriate t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.
    • The cost of their uniform is $30.00. Order clothes online at https://utopia.itemorder.com.

    Girls order code is: CMSG164

    Boys order code is: CMSB164

    • That includes t-shirt, shorts, journal, and bag.
    • Tennis shoes will be provided by the student.
    • If your child fails to suit out 3 times during pre-athletics they will be moved out of 6th grade pre-athletics class to the regular P.E. class.

    Life-Time Fitness:

    • 6th, 7th & 8th grade P.E. are not required to change clothes unless clothing worn to school is inappropriate for this class. Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to: sagging jeans, skirts, untied or loose shoelaces, excessive jewelry, sandals, etc. If these items are worn to school, a change of clothing for class is a must.
    • Wednesday is our cardio day where we will participate in a walk, jog or run around the track.

    Locker Rooms for 6th Pre-Athletics:

    • Locker rooms are for dressing out only. There is to be no horseplay while in the locker rooms.
    • Textbooks, backpacks, notebooks, etc. are not allowed in the locker room. These items should be left in your hall locker.
    • Do not bring personal belongings. Leave them in your hall locker.


    Grading Policy:

    • Students will start each week with a 100. Each day a student does not participate and or dress out, without a parent or doctor’s note; he/she will lose 20 points for that day.   
    • Parents will be notified if a student is in danger of failing. (2 days of not participating = 60 for that week)

    Discipline Procedures                             

                                                    First Offense                                     Verbal Warning

                                                    Second Offense                               Teacher/Student Conference

                                                    Third Offense                                   Sit out of activity

                                                    Fourth Offense                                 Detention/Parent Notification

                                                    Fifth Offense                                      Discipline Referral to Office

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 817-237-4261


    Coach Nichols          jnichols@ems-isd.net                     Coach Dix                  cdix@ems-isd.net

    Coach Sisk                 tsisk@ems-isd.net                           Coach Williams        dwilliams@ems-isd.net