• Chisholm Trail High School Visual Art Department


    Mrs. Hanna

    Room 206

    ART 1, Photography 2, Photography 3 PAP, AP 2D Design

       Welcome to the amazing adventure that is visual arts! I hope you are excited to be a Ranger!  You will experience different media areas throughout our year together.  You will be well versed in the elements of art and principles of design.  You will learn to think, speak and most importantly, see like an artist! There will be many opportunities to compete in contests with your artwork!  You and I have a great adventure ahead of us during the school year, and I can’t wait to see what you bring along with you! 

    You may contact me via email mhanna@ems-isd.net or by phone 817-232-7112 x7114


    In order for us to be safe, physically and emotionally, during this adventure you must adhere to the following rules and expectations for conduct and work ethic.



     1. Be on time (Tardy)

    2. Stay in the classroom until dismissed/ bell (Referral)

    3. Do nothing to impede a teacher from teaching, and a student from learning. (1-4 Offense)

    4. Do not destroy/damage art supplies or other student's work. (Phone call home/Coach and possible referral)

    5. Severe physical or verbal aggression. (Removal from class by an A.P.)


    Consequences for not following Expectations: 

    1. Verbal Warning

    2. Conference with the teacher after class

    3. Parent/Guardian/Coach contact 

    4.  Referral to the office



    Class Procedures for Room 206

    ·   Before you enter the room:

    Use the restroom.  Get a drink.  Be on time to class! Once you step in this room, your precious time begins! Use it wisely!


    ·    When you enter the classroom:

    Read the whiteboard or screen to determine what your daily agenda is.  In the first 5 minutes, get out your supplies that are needed for the period. Put your backpack under the table. When you are finished, look and listen for instructions. Be on task.


    If you are tardy:
    CTHS tardy policy will be followed in my classroom.


    BYOD (Bring your own device):
    When you enter the room, your device is to be silenced. They are to be used respectfully and courteously. They are only to be used for project research, images for references for projects, taking pictures of your artwork for upload, and listening to music with ear buds when given permission ----Not for personal use or communication during class.


    If you do not have your materials:
    You are expected to be prepared for class every day. If you are not, you may ask for a supply to use, and you must return it at the end of class. 


    ·   When I raise my hand and say “CLASS” or “OK”

    This is your signal to STOP what you are doing, LOOK at me and LISTEN for instructions. You may not leave your seat or the classroom during this time.  I will only stop the class for instructions, demonstrations, and if I see something that is super cool, and I need the class to see it. This is my time to let you know what is expected of you.  


     While you are working:


    I will walk around during the class period. If you have a question or need help, raise your hand.  If it is a question about the assignment, ask someone around you.  I will come to you as soon as possible.


    · · If you need to use the restroom:

    You may only ask to go after the first 10 minutes and may not go during the last 10 minutes or during instruction.  If I notice that it becomes an everyday occurrence, I will revoke your restroom privileges. Only one student at a time, 5 minute time limit, and you must use the designated restroom pass.


    ·    How to label your work:

    On the back of the paper, you will write your first and last name, period number, and date on all assignments.  


    Direct Instruction:
    Phones Away
    Eyes on Me
    No Side Conversations
    What to do during a demonstration:

    You will gather around where I am sitting. This is when I show you what is expected, a new technique, or a new media. Remember, there is no talking during instructions or demonstrations.


    ·    Late Work: The District Secondary Grading policy on late work will be followed. 


    If you are absent:
    If you know of an upcoming absence, or have returned from an absence, it is your responsibility to talk with me about make up work.


    ·    If you finish your work early

    MMake sure you have labeled your artwork, it is turned into the correct location, and your mess is cleaned up.

    You may not- just sit there, walk around the room aimlessly, horseplay, or chat with people who are still working. 
    You can draw, sketch, journal, research images for another project, sharpen class pencils, clean sinks, or complete an art critique sheet.
    Remember every minute you have in here is precious-use them wisely.                

    ·    End of Class:

    This is the last 5 minutes of class. When I say class, you will stop, look and listen for instructions. You will clean your area, return all supplies to the correct place, put your work in your cabinet, gather your things, and sit down on your stool.

    Bell/I will dismiss you. All students are to be sitting quietly on his/her stool; all tables must be clean and ready to go for the next class. 

    You will learn procedures for handling different materials as the need arises. 

    My goal is for you to have a safe, consistent, successful year in art. 

    We must follow these procedures for this to happen; your success in this room depends on it. 


    Thank you!


    Mrs. Hanna