• Art 1 Syllabus

    Course Description

    Art 1 is a structured, introductory course in art education. Students in Art 1 are expected to participate in studio projects that emphasize drawing, painting, ink media, collage, and/or designs in two- dimensional and 3- dimensional constructions. All projects assigned in Art 1 relate directly to the Elements and Principles of Design. This course examines the visual arts in what is known as the formalist approach.

    In the first semester of this year-long course, the major focus is on the elements of art line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space. How these elements are put together in a composition -- the principles of design is the foundation of the second semester; students will explore the ways that well known artists have used these basic building blocks of art. We will explore many artists, styles & media and develop technical & critical skills. Activities include studio projects, reading, writing, group activities, videos and quizzes. All activities count toward your grade.
    Critiques (or “crits”) will be an integral part of the class. They are the way to get the feedback you need to succeed. Do not rob each other of the constructive criticism that will lead to improvement. Debate is encouraged but it must be respectful. It is essential to remember that when we are critiquing your drawing we are not criticizing you as a person. It is helpful to make this distinction for yourself during crits whether we are discussing your drawing or if you are critiquing a classmate’s work. Learning to talk about art is an important skill that we will begin to develop. Your participation in critiques will be considered in your overall class grade.


     Learning goals:

    Students will demonstrate artistic literacy by creating, performing or exhibiting in one or more art forms and will use analysis and appropriate terminology to demonstrate an informed acquaintance of various artists and art styles.


    Please consult the district grading policy  http://www.emsisd.com/cms/lib/TX21000533/Centricity/Domain/4052/Secondary%20GRHB%20Revised%20Jan%202014.pdf. 

    Grades are primarily based on your understanding of skills and the completion of artwork. Grades are not based on talent!



    • Portfolio development, teacher observation, grading with a developed set of standards (rubric) for both daily work and projects and in class performance.

    The Mode of Instruction: 

    • Discussion
    • Demonstration
    • Lecture
    • Observation
    • Peer Collaboration
    • Reading
    • Reflection
    • Student Exploration
    • Studio Work
    • Other

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be an active participant• Be responsible and respectful • Be time managers • Be integrity driven • Be safe • Be a team player


    Classroom Rules and Procedures are located on the teacher's website. 

     Instructor: Michaela Hanna      


                  817-232-7112 x 7114


    This course syllabus may change at the discretion of the instructor