• I have a long life history.  I come from a large family.  I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters.  I have many nieces and nephews and am godfather to many.  After I graduated high school I joined the U.S. Air Force.  I spent ten years in the Air Force as a Security Policeman.  I served overseas for many years and earned two national defense metals.  After leaving the Air Force I began a career as a peace officer for the state of Texas. While performing duties as a peace officer in the state of Texas, for the City of Euless I was assigned to a narcotics task force where I worked as a narcotics investigator for 3 years.  In 1997, I left the police force to start a small business.  In 2010 I sold the small business and began my college career.  In 2015 I was awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisplinary Studies and was certified as a teacher in early childhood education and special education.  
    I am married to my wonderful misses, Gracie and I am a father of three children, and grand father of seven.  I am excited about the opportunity to teach and give back the blessing of success I have enjoyed in life. 
    I am a life long learner who loves to read.  I enjoy working out and love to ride my Harley Davidson Motorcycle.