ED TRAIN  


    Mrs. Raine Radicke


    Chisholm Trail High School

    Phone: 817.232.7112 ext. 7159

    Conference Period – 3rd Period

    Room 506

    Tutorials – Tu & Th 8:30-8:55 a.m

    Materials Needed Every day:


    • Composition notebook
    • Pen/Mechanical pencil
    • Highlighter

    Course Description:

    Principles of Education and Training is designed to introduce learners to the various careers available within the education and training career cluster. Students use self-knowledge and educational and career information to analyze various careers within the education and training career cluster. Students will also gain an understanding of the basic knowledge and skills essential to careers within the education and training career cluster. Students will develop a graduation plan that leads to a specific career choice in the student's interest area.


    Principles of Education and Training will follow the Texas Education Agency Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for this class.  Students will be exposed to all seven Knowledge and Skills categories during the semester.  The complete Principles of Education and Training TEKS can be found on this website:



    Class Procedures and Expectations



    • Be in your seat, with your notebook, working on the warm-up question when class begins.
    • Use the restroom before coming to class.


    • Class time is for instructional use. Use your class time wisely, and work to your full potential.
    • Follow teacher instructions concerning electronics during class.


    • When a project day is given, bring materials to class to work.
    • If you do not bring materials to class, or show evidence of progress towards completion of your project, you may be assigned a 0 for a daily grade.

    Turning in Your Work

    • Put your name on your paper.
    • Turn in your completed work to your class period tray, unless otherwise instructed

    Restrooms/Leaving Class

    • Restroom use will be allowed only for emergencies. Please use prior to or after class time
    • You will only be allowed to use the Grey colored restrooms. This color corresponds to the restroom pass.
    • Sign-out when you leave, sign-in when you return


    • The door will close promptly when the bell rings. If you are not in class, please make your way to the nearest tardy station.
    • You must have a tardy pass from a designated tardy station in order to enter class.


    • Students will be dismissed by the teacher
    • Students shall pickup their trash and deposit it in the correct trash receptacle
    • Please place your chair under the table top.


    • Students may have snacks and drinks in class
    • Please pick up after yourself. Failure to do so, will result in all eating/drinking privileges being revoked.


    • Silence all phones and technology before entering the class
    • Leave your phone in your purse, pocket, or backpack
    • You may ONLY use your phone in class when instructed to do so
    • DO NOT take videos or pictures of others in the class


    Grading Policy

    Major Assignments = 60% of six weeks average, with a minimum of 3 major assignments per grading period.

    • Tests
    • Projects
    • Final Essays
    • Research Papers
    • Presentations
    • Labs


    Minor Assignments = 40% of six week average

    • Quizzes
    • Daily Assignments (homework, classwork, calendars, etc)
    • Journals


    Late Work


    • An assignment may be turned in under the following guidelines:
      • 1 school day late – maximum score is 85
        • A 100 would record as an 85 (100 x .85)
        • An 80 would record as a 68 (80 x .85)
      • 2 school days late – maximum score is 70
        • A 100 would record as a 70 (100 x .70)
        • An 80 would record as a 56 (80 x .70)
      • 3 school days late – maximum score of 60
        • A 100 would record as an 60 (100 x .60)
        • An 80 would record as a 48 (80 x .60)
      • No late work accepted after 3 school business days and a zero is recorded in the grade book.


    Make-up Work

    All students shall be allowed to make-up work when they are absent from class.

    • Students shall have a time equal to days absent from class plus one day to complete all missed assignments.


    Grades Numeric Equivalent Description

    A 90-100 Excellent (Mastery)

    B 80-89 Good (Mastery)

    C 75-79 Average (Not yet mastered)

    D 70-74 Poor (Not yet mastered)

    F 69-below