Class Information

  • Required Supplies:

    1 Spiral notebook or composition book for taking notes and homework

    Notes and homework should be done in pencil (1 package of #2 pencils)

    Algebra 2 students should have a graphing paper spiral that may be used to do homework.

    Glue stick

    1 box of 4 batteries (AAA)

    Grading Policy:

    Test average will be 60% of total grade

    Other will consist of 40% of total grade (quizzes, homework and participation)

    Late homework will have a deduction and count 85% when 1 day late and 70% on 2nd day. A zero will be recorded on 3rd day

    If a student is absent and an assignment is handed in a zero will be recorded but the assignment may be handed in with no deduction.

    Retest policy:

    Students who fail a test must correct the test and bring it to tutorials as their ticket to retake the test. Maximum grade on a retest is 85.

    Graphing Calculators:

    Boswell H.S. will furnish a classroom set of graphing calculators. These calculators are for classroom use only and may not be checked out.

    If a student needs to use a calculator they may come in the morning during tutorials or after school. Personal calculators may be used.


    I will be available for tutorials in the morning from 8:30-9:00 daily.

    Tutorial are also used for correcting and retaking tests.

    Bos time (20 min. during their lunch) is also recommended.

    Conference Time:

    If you would like to set up a conference with me my conference time is 4th period (see schedule).