• Great Expectations 


    At Comanche Springs Elementary we are committed to excellence! The moment you step through our doors you will see and feel a school that wants to make a difference in each individual.

    Great Expectations provides our school with a vision and a language to lead the school in a way that motivates, inspires and challenges our students to achieve excellence in learning and living.

    The Basic Tenets of Great Expectations:

    The beliefs of Great Expectations, is based on research by multiple educational experts, theorists, and researchers.

    1.  High Expectations. Students respond to high expectations by reaching up to achieve them.
    2.  Teacher Attitude and Responsibility. Positive attitudes shape students.
    3.  All Children Can Learn. No matter their circumstances or labels placed on them all children can learn.
    4.  Self-Esteem. Help students realize they are capable.
    5.  Mutual Respect. Mistakes are used as growth opportunities.
    6.  Teacher Knowledge and Skill. A skilled teacher helps children to achieve academic success. 

    Expectations for Living: 

    In a GE school, these expectations are posted, recited and practiced daily:

    • We will value one another as unique and special individuals.
    • We will not laugh at or make fun of a person's mistakes nor use sarcasm or put-downs.
    • We will use good manners and allow others to go first.
    • We will cheer each other to success.
    • We will help one another whenever possible.
    • We will recognize every effort and applaud it.
    • We will encourage each other to do our best.
    • We will practice virtuous living, using the Life Principles (Word of the Week).