• Math Help
    If you need help with understanding math concepts DON'T WAIT!!!! Seek out help immediately! Math concepts usually build on each other. Therefore, if you don't understand what is going on in class now chances are you will have difficulty understanding what is going on down the line. 
    So...where do you get help?
    BOS Time 
    BOS Time is available Monday - Friday during the last 20 minutes of each lunch period. You may get help with math in room W101. Math teachers are available each lunch period to assist you with your math questions. Click on the link below for a schedule of which teachers are in BOS Time.
    Teacher Tutorials 
     A teacher is always available before and/or after school to assist you. It may not be your teacher but that's ok. You may visit any teacher to assist you with your questions. Click on the link below to determine what teacher is available and where.
    Math Frustrated