• The information links and services listed below are only suggestions. 
    Finding Services: 2-1-1 option 1 or 1.877.541.7905 Call: 1.877.541.7905
    Community Link Mission: Food pantry http://communitylinkmission.org
    300 Belmont St. Saginaw, TX 76179 Call: 817.847.4554
    The Parenting Center: http://www.theparentingcenter.org
    This is a wonderful resource for all families. They provide helpful workshops for parents, counseling and even have a hot-line when you need a parenting question answered quickly.  
    A world of great parenting information can be found on this website. The public library has copies of many Love and Logic books. 
    If your child is grieving a loss, it can be very difficult to know how to help. The Warm Place in Fort Worth is a wonderful place for your family to work through grief. It is provided at no cost to the family.  
    ACH Child & Family Services: http://www.realhelpforreallife.org 
    This is a free service where children can get group or individual counseling.
    A website for help with learning and attention issues.
    This site lists many challenges that children experience. When you click on the challenge it will provide a description of behaviors you may have seen. If the description fits, it will then list multiple interventions for you to try. When you choose an intervention it answers the Why, How, and When to use it.