What is DreamBox?

    DreamBox provides continuous support of conceptual understanding, fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills, plus 24/7 access, to keep students building achievement. DreamBox has rigorous, standards-aligned, high quality, research based K-8 math lessons. These lessons empower students to master key math concepts. The learning paths are individualized, and every math lesson is tailored to each student to ensure that students are working in their optimal learning zone. This personalized learning experience is designed to empower students to build critical thinking and develop problem-solving skills that result in increased achievement and life-long confidence in math.

    I encourage all of my students to use DreamBox at least one hour each week. We will utilize the computer lab once a week to work on lessons, however, I would like to see students logging on at home as well for a minimum of 20 minutes each week.

    How do I login?

    Click here to get to the login screen.

    Username: 6-digit ID number (ex. 123456)

    Password: 6-digit ID number (ex. 123456)