• Dear AP Physics Parent or Guardian,

    I would like to welcome your son or daughter to AP Physics 1.  I am excited about this upcoming year and our journey though AP Physics 1 together. 

    During the First Six Weeks of AP Physics we will be covering kinematics.  Your student will be expected to express the motion of an object using mathematical, graphical and written representations.  Your student will be expected to design experiments related to the motion of an object and analyze and draw appropriate conclusions based on these experiments.   Students will also predict how the motion of an object will change when it accelerates and create models and graphs related to acceleration, velocity and position. 

    This unit will lay the foundation for the entire year in AP Physics 1 and it is essential for your student’s success in this course to have a firm foundation in kinematics.  You can expect that you student will have homework on a nightly basis.  Please encourage your student to attend tutorials so that your student can find success in AP Physics 1.  Your student should be reviewing new material every evening and studying well before the eve of the test.  Students will be given adequate notice about tests dates.  I have posted these dates in Canvas, which is the new online course website for students. 

    I have several goals for your students in AP Physics:  (1) take and pass the AP Physics 1 exam, (2) develop critical thinking skills, (3) design their own lab for a specific physics area and (4) solve real-life problems.  I would also encourage your student to take the AP Physics 1 Exam May 3, 2016.  We will be building toward this goal during this year and your students should plan on taking this exam. 

    I would appreciate your help in furthering these goals.  Please contact me at any time.  You may send an e-mail, phone, or schedule a time for a conference.  Please read over the course syllabus with your student as it may answer many questions.  I look forward to working with you and your student to make this a great year!



    Tom Chapman