• Syllabus  Art 4 AP Studio Art Drawing Syllabus- You will find the outline for this class.  
    We are going to have a great and productive year! Be prepared to work hard! 
    Supplies for 2017-2018 (be on the look out for these)
    - 8G  or higher flash drive (for saving images)
    - a sturdy portfolio that will hold 18 X 24 artworks- you can get cardboard ones at hobby lobby (remember the 40% off coupon)
    - some type of book to journal/sketch/put inspiration images into-- it can be as simple as a composition book
    - A set of good quality colored pencils- Prisma color preferred
    - A set of watercolor paints (crayola, prang or tube watercolors)
    - A set of natural or synthetic brushes
    - Erasers- white, kneaded, gum
    - A range of drawing pencils from 4H to 4B and 2 ebony pencils
    - a hand held sharpener
    - 2 fine tip drawing pens (sharpie or micron)
    - 2 permanent markers