Señor Maedgen, BA

    Evan Maedgen's Family 

    Subjects: Spanish I/II

    Email: emaedgen@ems-isd.net

    Room Number: A114

    817-237-3314    Ext: 8114

    Class Schedule:

    1st Period | 9:05-9:55 | Spanish 2

    2nd Period | 10:00-10:50 | Spanish 1

    3rd Period | 10:55-11:45 | Lunch

    4th Period | 11:50-12:40 | Spanish 1

    5th Period | 12:45-1:35 | Spanish2

    6th Period | 1:40-2:30 | Spanish 2

    7th Period | 2:35-3:25 | Spanish 2

    8th Period | 3:30-4:20 | Conference

    Tuesaday's 8:30am-9:05am
    Wednesday's 8:30am-9:05am
    -BOS Time during the last 20 minutes of your lunch in room L110 by the cafeteria.
     *Please make sure that you have made an appointment or notified your teacher so that they can more appropriately tutor you.*
    A copy of the syllabus can be found at the following address:
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