• How does it work?

    Team members will be reading 10 books throughout the year. We will take a field trip to compete against other local high schools whose team members have all read those same 10 books. A max of 12 people from each school will be able to compete. Teams of 4 students at a time will face off against 4 students from the opposing school, taking turns to answer questions about the 10 books. Points will be tallied at the end of three 50-question rounds and winning schools will advance on to the finals. At the end, one school will walk away with a trophy and the title of North Texas Book Battle Champions!

    Book vs Book in Boxing Gloves

    When and where is the competition?

    The competition will take place some time in late April or May. Last year, we were hosted by Barnes & Noble Southlake Town Center but we are also exploring other venues. The battles will begin at approximately 9:00 am. We hope to be back at the school by 3:45pm. but if we are winning then we will not return in time for bus departure.

    What books will we be required to read?

    Team members will read the following 10 books this year:

    Book Battle Reading Selections 2018

    Reading Plan and Book Completion Goals:

    You will need to read one book every two or three weeks if you pace yourself. The links to the quizzes will be posted on the NTX BOOK BATTLE Canvas page.  If you do not take the mini-quiz on a book, your recorded score for that book will be ZERO POINTS. The 12 students with the highest total scores by mid-February will be the students who will actually represent our school in the competition.

    How much does it cost?

    The books will be available for you to borrow free of charge. Students are not required to purchase their own copies of the books. The library will have multiple copies of each title. 

    Students will need to pay the following amounts:                

    $10.00 for a team shirt (due by December 15, 2017)              

    $5.00 for bus/van (due by December 15, 2017)            

    Approx. $10.00 for lunch at battle location


    Thank you for your participation in the North Texas Book Battle this year! I am looking forward to a positive experience for the benefit and enjoyment of all students and possibly even bringing home the winner’s title and trophy! Now let’s start READING!

    Book vs Book with Swords 

    Student Contract 

    By signing below, I agree to put forth my best effort to finish all 10 books throughout the school year. I understand that my team members and Mrs. Dunning are counting on me, and I do not want to let them down. I understand that I am making a commitment, and I will follow through with this commitment.

    By signing below, I am also aware of the costs involved and agree to turn in my $15 by December 15. I will make my best effort to attend all meetings, and I agree to attend the competition on the scheduled date.


    Student Signature: _______________________________________       Date: _________________

    (please return by December 15, 2017)


    Sign up for reminders – Remind

    Text the message “@cthsb” to 81010     

    If that does not work,

    text “@cthsb” to (682)200-1870 

    Book Battle Remind Screenshot

    Parent Permission

    Parents, by signing below you are acknowledging that you are aware of your child’s participation in the CTHS Book Battle team. In addition, your signature states:

    ·         You understand that your son/daughter is committing to reading the 10 books (listed above) throughout the year and attending periodic group meetings during school hours. Students should be finishing a book approximately every 14 days.

    ·         You understand that only 12 students can actually compete, and those 12 students will be the ones with the highest cumulative quiz scores on all the books.

    ·         You understand that Mrs. Dunning will be chaperoning along with one other teacher or staff member (if needed) and you give permission for your son/daughter travel by bus or district van.

    ·         You agree to pay the fees listed above by the deadline.

    Please sign and return for your son/daughter to attend the field trip.


    Parent Signature: __________________________________________  Date:_________________________


    Did you sign up for the reminder text messages?     Yes           No