Welcome to Ms. Keyes' Class!

    Katie Keyes Contact Information:
    Name: Katie Keyes
    Subject(s): Chemistry/Student Leadership
    Email: kkeyes@ems-isd.net 
    Phone: 817.237.3314
    Twitter: @keyes2chemistry 
    Conference: 2nd Period
    Room Number: G-123 and A-104
    Tutorial Schedule:
    Mornings: Wednesday and Thursday (8:30-9:00) and other times by appointment.
    Afternoons: Wednesday (4:30-5:00) and other times by appointment.
    Class Schedule 2017-2018:
    1st Period 9:05 - 9:55  Chemistry
    2nd Period  10:00 - 10:50  Planning/Conference
    3rd Period  10:55 - 11:45  Chemistry
    4th Period  11:50 - 12:40  Student Leadership
    5th Period  12:45 - 1:35  Lunch
    6th Period  1:40 - 2:30  Chemistry
    7th Period  2:35 - 3:25  Chemistry
    8th Period 3:30 - 4:20 Chemistry
    Course Information
    Links to specific courses are at the top on either side of this page.  The vast majority of online information and assignments will be posted to Canvas, and Ms. Keyes' Twitter account (@keyes2chemistry) will be used to post various class activities.  Please feel free to contact Ms. Keyes via e-mail with questions concerning any part of the course.
    Here are the course letters for each 6-Weeks:
    Chemistry Department Tutorial Schedule
    (8:30am to 9:00am)
    (4:30pm to 5:00pm) 
    Monday Ms. Thomas (G120) Mrs. Magill (G127) 
    Tuesday  Ms. Thomas (G120)
    Mr. Giles (G124) 
    Wednesday  Miss Keyes (G123) Mr. Giles (G124) 
    Thursday  Miss Keyes (G123) Mrs. Magill (G127) 
    Friday Ms. Thomas (G120) by appointment only 
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