• CTHS Pic #HeartForTheArt
    At Chisholm Trail High School, the THEATRE PROGRAM seeks to empower the student through the dramatic arts, which include acting, designing, and technical elements.  To do this, we (the directors) will teach and guide students through the various elements of theatre as they journey toward becoming exceptional young adults, life-long learners, and members of the theatre community.  
    We will also focus and emphasize team-oriented cooperation, particularly the value of: "Surrendering the ME for the WE."  Each class project or theatrical production relies on the cooperation from all its participants, whether it be director, actor, designer, or technical crew member, thus the spirit of cooperation is sacrosanct.
    Most importantly, we will be a student-centered program that fosters responsible student expression through the dramatic arts.  This expression includes acting, directing, designing, constructing and writing.  Opportunities for such expression will be made available through our various production projects, performances and contests.