• Pre-AP Homework Policy and Expectations 

    Homework is due the next day. If homework is not turned in on the day it is due, it will count as a zero in the gradebook. (students have 3 days to turn in late work at a percentage off for each day late)

    Each 6 weeks students will be expected to complete the following in the form of homework.  There will not be time given in class for these assignments:

    1.      Ring Word Vocabulary-15 to 20 words will be assigned for the six weeks. They will be given these words at the beginning of each six weeks and glued into their spiral notebook.  An example of how to do these is located in the spiral notebook.  The words are due the 4th Friday of the six weeks. Students are expected to look the words up using a dictionary, the internet, or they can wait until we go over them in class.  They must include a definition in their own words (not directly copied from the dictionary) and a picture.  This is a major grade that is designed to reinforce important vocabulary learned throughout this year. 


    2.      Current Science Summary- Students will look up an article and print it on any current science topic.  They can do this in the library on campus or at home.  The article must be at least 10 sentences. The requirement description and example of the summary  are located in the students journal and below.  The summary must be in solid sentences that follow the guidelines in their journal.  This will be due the 5th Friday of the six weeks, but may be turned in early.  This is a minor grade.


    3.      Projects-Throughout the year, students will be given projects as major grades.  These are designed to enhance the students knowledge of major topics.  

     Human body project due- December 13 (Tuesday )


     Current Science Article - Helpful links  are listed in the word document link below-Due DATE September 23


     Current Science Links


    Example of Article



    Ring words for second 1st six weeks & example are listed below -Due DATE September 16