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    Welcome to Chemistry!  

    The materials and activities for this course create an interesting and challenging learning environment. You are provided with a variety of ways to acquire and demonstrate your understanding of chemistry.  You will employ the scientific method to assist you in conducting laboratory investigations, and develop your critical thinking and problem solving abilities to help you make informed decisions.

    Class Expectations:

    1.     Be responsible!

    ·      Be actively involved in your learning.

    ·      Complete and submit assignments on time.

    ·      Communicate with me!

    ·      Always follow safety rules and procedures.

    2.     Be respectful!

    ·      Treat others as you would want to be treated.

    ·      Be mindful of the language you use.

    ·      Do not destroy other people’s or school property.

    3.     Be ready!

    ·      Be on time to class with all of your required materials.

    ·      Be in your seat and quiet when the bell rings.

    ·      Be ready to work!

    4.     Food/Drinks:

    ·      Permitted in non-lab areas on non-lab days.

    ·      Select quiet foods.

    ·      For personal nourishment only (no sharing).

    ·      Drinks must have a lid.

    ·      Clean up after yourself.

    ·      I reserve the right to discontinue this practice.

    5.     Electronic Devices:

    ·      Not permitted unless the teacher grants permission.

    ·      Technology Forecast will be posted at front of room.

     6. Restroom Guidelines: Passes will be kept to a minimum.

     ·  No restroom breaks the first or last 10 minutes of class.
    ·  No restroom breaks during direct instruction (lecture)/presentations 
    Remind Codes:  
     Text Number: 81010
    1st Period Code: @gd6e74
    2nd Period Code @ackdg8
    7th Period Code: @8eadab

    Classroom Procedures:

    ·      Enter the room through the door closest to my desk.

    ·      Check the pick-up table for any documents you may need.

    ·      Retrieve notebooks and folders.

    ·      Put away backpacks/bags

    ·      Sit down and begin the warm-up.

    Discipline Steps:

    1. Warning

    2. Teacher/Student conference

    3. Lunch detention

    4. Parent contact

    5. Office referral

    Required Materials:

    1.     Composition notebook/ spiral notebook

    2.     Writing instrument- pencil or pen…..no red ink


    Attendance is one of the most important aspects of success. Please make every attempt to be here. Due to the structure of this course, it will be difficult to make up labs and activities, which comprise the bulk of the class. You are responsible for all missed work.

    ·      Prearranged/Planned Absences: see me at least two days prior to the absence to obtain work

    ·      Unplanned Absences:  see me upon return

    Grading policy:

    Major Grades – 60%  (Minimum of 3 per six weeks)

    Summative Assessments- measurements of mastery      

    ·      Tests, projects, major labs, research papers, presentations


    Minor Grades – 40% (Multiple opportunities prior to each summative)

    Formative Assessments- checkpoints leading to mastery

    ·      Homework, warm-ups, minor labs, quizzes, classwork


    A – 90 to 100

    B – 80 to 89

    C – 75 to 79

    D – 70 to 74

    F – 69 or lower


    Semester exams will count 1/7 of your semester grade.

    **** You may be able to be exempt from semester exams based on the following criteria:

    ·      Semester average

    ·      Attendance

    ·      Compliance with CTHS policies (i.e., no referrals or fines)

    Late Work:

    In order to be successful throughout life, each of us is required to meet deadlines. Your actions do not just impact yourself.

    In accordance with district policy, you may submit work up to 3 days past the actual due date. Late submission of assignments will result in the following possible maximum grade:

    1-day late- maximum score of 85

    2 days late- maximum score of 70

    3 days late- maximum score of 60

    No late work will be accepted after the third day and a zero will be recorded in the grade book. Extenuating circumstances will be at my discretion. If you are experiencing difficulty completing an assignment due to extreme hardship, please contact me prior to the due date.



    All work must your own. This includes lab reports and copying assignments when you are absent. Claiming someone else’s work as yours will not be tolerated. A first offense will result in a zero.