• About Me:

    This is my second year at Boswell and my sixth year in education.  I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and moved to Saginaw, Texas in 1998 where I currently reside.  I have two teenage boys and two cats.    

    Upon graduating from Portland State University, I wondered how I would find a “practical” use for my English degree.  I soon found my writing skills in high demand among a group of engineers, lawyers and investors where I worked in the corporate world for 15 years. Even as a business professional, I often found myself tutoring students in writing and knew I wanted to teach.

    I earned a Master of Education in Secondary Education degree from the University of North Texas, became a certified high school English teacher, and completed my internship at Saginaw High School teaching English IV.

    While this is my second year at Boswell High School, I am no stranger to high school or to this district since I have been a certified substitute teacher since 2010 and held many long-term teaching assignments.  Additionally for three years, I was an Instructional Associate at Tarrant County College where I instructed students in reading, writing, research, and study skills.   

    I recently discovered my new hobby and passion, ballroom dancing lessons.  I love most music styles, including contemporary pop, oldies, and jazz.  The only television show I watch is Doctor Who, and for movies, I am a fan of the original Star Wars series.  I enjoy traveling with my boys to the beach or, our favorite spot, the Rocky Mountains.