• This class is intended to enrich the literary knowledge base, writing and communication skills, and college readiness of eleventh grade students at Boswell High School. In this course, students will study literature through short stories, novels, poetry, dramas, and informational reading. Students will also gain strength within the writing process through the writing and analysis of expository texts, literary fiction and non-fiction, personal narratives, dialectical reflections, and upper level vocabulary usage.

    In addition to daily reading, writing, and verbal participatory activities, students will be assigned various independent and group project assignments. There will be some time given in class, but it is imperative that students organize his or her time outside of class to accomplish all assignment expectations. Organization is a vital part of this course. Grades will be given for organization of daily assignments, notes, and written reflections maintained in his or her ELA/Writer’s Notebook. Participation grades are also taken on a daily and/or weekly basis through class dialogue and Socratic Seminars.