• Student/Parent contract - click here for printable version 




    Student Contract 

    By signing below, I agree to put forth my best effort to finish all 10 books by February 8, 2018. I understand that my team members and Ms. Torisk are counting on me, and I do not want to let them down. I understand that I am making a commitment, and I will follow through with this commitment.

    By signing below, I am also aware of the costs involved and agree to turn in my $15 by December 7th. I will make my best effort to attend all meetings, and I agree to attend the competition in mid April/May.


    Student Signature: _______________________________________       Date: _________________


    Parent Permission

    Parents, by signing below you are acknowledging that you are aware of your child’s participation in the BHS Book Battle team. In addition, your signature states:

    • You understand that your son/daughter is committing to reading the 10 pre-selected books throughout the year and attending periodic group meetings. Students should be finishing a book approximately every 7-10 days.
    • You understand that only 12 students can actually compete in mid-April/May.
    • You understand that Ms. Torisk will be chaperoning along with one other teacher or staff member (if needed) and you give permission for your son/daughter travel by bus or district van.
    • You agree to pay the fees listed above by the deadline.

    Please sign and return for your son/daughter to attend the field trip in mid-April/May.


    Parent Signature: __________________________________________   Date:_____________________

    Please return this signed permission form as soon as possible and pay the $15 fees by December 7, 2017. Failure to return permission form and fees by December 7th will result in automatic dismissal from the Book Battle team. Thank you for understanding.