•  Something your student is doing on a regular basis is keeping notes in their Interactive Notebook.  Although we call it a folder, it is so much more.  When used correctly, it is a means to help them study and sometimes we even put in assignments we completed in class for a grade.  While Interactive Notebooks can be more complex, the main things I am looking for are questions and summaries for each entry.  This is often a tedious task for students, but it gets them opening their notebooks outside of my class which helps them remember the content we have covered.
    The following link takes you to a great resource to explain how the notebooks work: https://shp.utmb.edu/asa/Forms/cornell%20note%20taking%20system.pdf
    Here is the rubric I use when grading the Interactive Notebooks:
    Data Tracker filled out and current- 25 points
    All notes in order- 25 points
    Two test questions per entry written by the student- 25 points
    A summary for each entry- 25 points.  
    The number of entries we have at the IN check will determine the value of each individual item.