• "WHY do we have to pre-order our yearbooks? I want to wait until May."
    I wish the printing process worked in such a way we could wait for purchases. But it doesn't. In the long run, that's a good thing.
    Yearbook is a small business run by students for students. The school does not pay for the book. Instead student editors and the adviser create a project plan based on projected sales, dedication page order and ad sales. We have to keep our budget on target, and the only way we can do so is to order the right number of books. We can't afford to print books we haven't sold.
    By requiring pre-orders we know our sales and can keep our project budget on target. (Just like a business.)
     We reward those who pre-order by offering a huge discount: $65. That is cheaper than what we pay to print the book. The price goes up throughout the year. This year we are offering the early bird price until Dec. 15. In January, the price will increase.
    We must finalize our order around Jan. 15. Pre-orders are the only way we can do that.
    Yes, we do order a few extra books every year for purchase in May.  Those books are sold for the full price. That price ranges from $85-$100 depending on the book we produce. Don't wait until May to buy a book.
    Remember, parents and students can set up payment plans with Mrs. Lee with final payments due by Jan. 15. (Extensions can be given. Talk to Mrs. Lee for more info.)
    So why is all of this a good thing? Learning to run a business with sales projections and marketing plans is a super important skill for students. Also, students learn how to run a budget and how to keep spending in check.