• Personalized Course Selection Resources & Information

    Please carefully read all of this information.


    If you would like to make a course change during the May 21-25 window, you will use this online form (there is no need to visit the counseling office or email your counselor). You should log in to your student Skyward acccount to view your schedule first, but you will not be able to make changes in Skyward.  Go to your Arena Scheduling 2018-2019, and click on Print/View Schedule.  Remember that there will be no course changes made in August.


    Your request for a schedule change is dependent on space available in all classes involved and prerequisites being met.
    Some requests may require the approval of a coach or director of a specific program.
    By requesting a change, you are authorizing your counselor to make any necessary changes to your scheduled periods to get the request to fit.
    You may not request specific periods.
    Your counselor will make sure that you have what you need to graduate.
    Your final schedule will be viewable in August and may be affected by the following:
    --class leveling
    --summer teacher changes
    --changes to master schedule
    --unscheduled graduation requirements
    --not having prerequisite course(s)


    Use this link to access the form:  Click here to make a course change.


    The following courses will not
    be offered at SHS for 2018-19
    1051 AP Capstone Research (2nd Yr) 1
    1070 Creative Writing 0.5
    1386 OnRamp Geoscience 1
    1455 AP European Hist 1
    1625 French 2 PAP 1
    1635 French 3 PAP 1
    1645 French 4 AP 1
    1810 Health 0.5
    2085 AP Art History 1
    5088 Professional Communication 0.5
    5121 Accounting 1 1
    5131 Accounting 2 1
    5190 Business Law 1
    5231 Livestock Production 1
    5562 Architectural Design 1
    5564 Prin of Construction 1



    See more information and the how-to video at the EMS ISD Personalized Course Selection page

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