• Title I Time and Effort Records

    School districts must maintain auditable “time and effort” documentation that show how each Title I employee spent his/her compensated time. These records are written, after-the-fact (not estimated or budgeted) documentation of how the time was spent. Time and effort reports must be prepared by Title I staff with salary charged (1) directly to a federal award, (2) directly to multiple federal awards, or (3) directly to any combination of any combination of a federal award and other federal, state or local fund sources.

    Semi-annual certifications are required for “full time” Title I personnel. These certifications document that he/she has been working solely in activities supported by the Title I grant. The certification must (1) cover a semi-annual period (e.g. August-December and January-June), (2) identify Title I as the program, and (3) be signed and dated by an employee and supervisor having first-hand knowledge of the work performed by the employee. In addition, the Title I employee is required to sign a copy of their job description at the beginning of the school year.

    Monthly reports are required for Title I personnel whose time is charged in part to Title I and in part to other revenue sources (split-funded staff). These reports document the portions of time and effort dedicated to Title I and to other revenue sources, (1) such records must be completed after-the-fact, (2) account for the total time for which the employee is compensated, (3) be prepared monthly, and (4) be signed by the employee and countersigned by an administrator or supervisor.