• "Children are made readers in the laps of their parents"

    - Emilie Buchwald
    Frequently I am asked, "How can I help my child with reading at home?"  The number one, most important thing you can do is read with them.  Read to them, listen to them read to you, talk about what they're reading, and let them see you reading for enjoyment.  Watch them grow and celebrate their successes with them! Here are some more tips and tricks to help you:

    Looks for Phonograms (http://www.phonogrampage.com/ / http://www.starfall.com/)

    Break words into Chunks

    Look for any known parts

    Sound the word out connecting sounds then say it fast

    Work on common Sight Words (http://www.edhelper.com/)


    READ OFTEN - Both parents and child

    Find printable books online at Reading A-Z for a yearly membership fee @ http://www.readinga-z.com/


    Follow the Six Steps to Success ~

    1. Read the story (read for enjoyment) (Students with dyslexia - read out loud)

    2. Read the story again (read for new information as schema or other thoughts may have distracted you the first time) / (Students with dyslexia - read out loud)

    3. Read the questions and answer stems (mark stars if you think you know the answer, but do not mark answers yet) / (Students with dyslexia have questions and answer choices read aloud by teacher)

    4. Read the story again Look for answers and mark with a star in the story

    5. Answer the questions and prove your work

    6. Double Check (Students with dyslexia may ask for question to be re-read as needed)

    Use a hand to remind them fingers are steps 1-5 and a check in the palm is step 6.


    Why should I read out loud and track with my finger?

    It uses three of the senses touch, sight, and hearing our brain can process better with the more senses we can use.

    What happens while I’m reading?

    While trying to store thoughts into your schema, your brain naturally gets distracted either by thinking of related thoughts or just getting off the task at hand.

    Why should I read so many times?

    By reading two times first, you allow your brain to attach the schema and concrete the new information so that it is familiar.

    Why should I wait to answer a question I know?

    Your brain automatically wants to grab familiar information. By allowing yourself time to really get familiar, you are able to differentiate from just familiar to what’s really important.

    Why do I have to prove my work?

    Does an attorney win a case just because he says the accused is guilty because he just knows he is? Or does the evidence have to be present? By proving your work, you are making the case solid then you know you’re right!

    What does double checking really mean?

    It means you reread all the information  and make sure it is reasonable and proven.