Boswell High School Junior Achievement Team

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    Junior Achievement is an organization that aims to prepare high school students for real life business. Being involved in JA allows the students to start a company, run it efficiently and as successfully as possible, and to compete with other area JA high school companies. The student have the opportunity to compete at a trade fair for multiple awards and at another competition for "Company of the Year."

    2017-2018 News

    This year, we have two companies that have been formed by students, Crafted Joy and ThreadCo. Through many obstacles, Crafted Joy was able to take away three of the 6 awards at the JA Company Trade Fair on February 17, 2018. Crafted Joy competed against 16 other high schools and won:

    First Place/Champion - Best Company Uniform

    First Place/Champion - Best Booth

    Champion - Most Innovative Product

    Winning team  Booth with Team

    Candles  Bottled with Care   

    2016-2017 News

    This year, our company, motiv8, won 3 awards at the February 18, 2017 trade fair. We won:

    1st place - Champion - Company Uniforms

    2nd place - Innovative Packaging and

    3rd place - Best in Show

    JA Trade Fair WInners Boswell

    It is a very exciting program that is open to those enrolled in our Entrepreneurship class this year. Next year, we plan for it to be open to anyone interested in participating.

    Invitation to Feb. 18 JA Trade Fair

    Flyer for Feb. 18 Junior Achievement Trade Fair