• a collage of photos of band students over the last few years
    Standards - The Spirit of Saginaw Band holds our staff, students, and band parents to high standards.  We stress integrity, honesty, continual growth and strives for excellence, setting the example in all aspects of life.  We offer opportunities to our students to develop outstanding citizens of our community.  You and your student are part of an incredible group.  Your participation in your student's career will be rewarding and memorable!
    Band Boosters Organization - Join the SOS Band Boosters.  Volunteer to serve this awesome band!  Our boosters have one goal: to support our Spirit of Saginaw Band!  The boosters provide an incredible amount of support, volunteer hours, and funding to help our students in this program.
    The Spirit of Saginaw Band Boosters help:
    • Meals during band camp, games, and competitions to keep our students healthy & happy
    • Uniform maintenance
    • Trailer Crew
    • Instruction including marching techs, drum line techs, and color guard techs
    • Marching Band show, Drum Line show, Winter Guard show
    • Transporting the Band & Color Guard Trailer
    • Props for the Marching show
    • Pictures - we must capture all of the moments!
    • Scholarships for band seniors
    • Band Banquet
    • Website
    • and so much more
    Marching and Concert Season Uniforms - While we provide the marching uniform, there are a few items you'll need to get.
    Calendar - Get the up-to-date events for the Summer, throughout the school year, and SAT Dates.  Familiarize yourself with these dates, and plan for vacations accordingly.  Rehearsals are mandatory in order to participate in the marching show. Students who miss Summer Band Camp will miss out on valuable information, learning skills and techniques, and music opportunities.  Like any activity, it will be a challenge for your student to catch up and will put them at a disadvantage when it comes time for marching auditions for the contest show.
    Band Registration &  Fees - Complete online registration before the April/May date to save time.  Bring a $50 deposit to register for dues.
    Band Fees are collected from each student to cover expenses incurred in the numerous Band/Guard/Percussion activities.  The amount of the fees may vary year to year, depending on competition and travel expenses that take place.  To assist in the payment of these fees, fundraising opportunities are made available to help students and parents raise money for their fees.  Discounts are applied to those who pay in full with either cash/check or credit card.
    Fees cover:
    • Spirit of Saginaw Band Participation
    • School Instrument Rental (only applies to those using an SHS instrument)
    • Meals
    • Show Shirt
    • Tech Fee
    • Gloves (brass & woodwind players only)
    • Hat
    • Marching Shoes (only for new members or replacement parts)
    • Travel
    • Fundraising - SOS cards & March-a-Thon!
    • Guard equipment (color guard members only)
    • Duffel Bag (optional)
    • Optional extras (survival kit, extra shirts, yard sign)
    Donate to the Band - We could use donations of batteries (9v, AA, AAA), & paper, snacks for bus rides, and cases of water.  Also, visit our Amazon Wish List.  
    Fundraising Opportunities - included in your dues are the SOS Cards and the March-a-Thon! We have various other opportunities as need arises throughout the year, as well as the FanPledge Blitz in August and the Mattress Fundraiser in September.
    Band Handbook - The Spirit of Saginaw Band prides itself on setting an example of excellence musically, academically, and in the strength of character from our staff, students and parents.
    Band 101 - for New Parents.  What you need to know as you enter into the Saginaw Band program.  Familiarize yourself with the band program with this 1-pager
    Private Lessons - Enroll with our professional teachers and help your student grow to a better performer.  Lessons are the NUMBER ONE way to better not only your student but the entire band program.  When individuals improve, everyone improves!
    Remind App - Sign-up to get updates from the directors.  This is our #1 communication tool
    Grading for Students - Students are graded on their weekly performances at football games & contests, at schedules concerts (3-4/year), attendance, and through pass-offs.
    Important Links 
    Concert Programs - Use a QR reader to view the concert program

    Audio Recordings  - Listen to recordings of your students.