• High Frequency Words

     Week 1: am, at, can, go, is                                  Week 2: my, me, see, the, to
    Week 3: up, we, and, do, got, had                       Week 4: has, he, his, in, it, like
    Week 5: look, on, are, come, did                         Week 6: get, where, have, here, him, of
    Week 7: play, said, she, will you, all                   Week 8: down, saw, that, they, this, was
    Week 9: went, what, when, for, with                   Week 10: could, day, little
    Week 11: give, her, new                                       Week 12: out, over, then
    Week 13: there, want, were                                  Week 14: your, or, but, use
    Week 15: from, follow, be, each                          Week 16: which, how, their, other, about
    Week 17: many, them, these, some                      Week 18: review
    Week 19: would, make, into, time, more             Week 20: way, people, than, first, water
    Week 21: been, call, who, now, find                    Week 22: review
    Week 23: take, only, work, know, line                 Week 24: place, year, live, back
    Week 25: most, ask, very, after, thing, our           Week 26: just, name, good, sentence, man
    Week 27: review