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    Fall 2018 Overview

    Welcome, all returning swimmers and newcomers! For Fall 2018, please be aware of the following:
    We will spend the first week of school getting all swimmers caught up on paperwork and trainer's packets.  Swimmers will report to my room on the first day of school.  We will also spend that first week making sure all athletes are aware of rules/expectations, getting to know one another, and discussing the season's schedule.  There will be a parents' meeting that first week as well (Thursday, August 23rd) at 7:00 p.m. in the small lecture hall.
    When we begin to swim, all swimmers need to have their own practice swimsuits, a pair of goggles, and a swim cap.  Guys with shaved or really short hair are not required to use a cap for practice.  Practices will be held every day at the Tarrant County College NW campus from 8:00 to 9:15(or slightly later). Students will need to be dropped off by 7:45 in front of the TCC gym area.  On most days we will stretch for a few minutes before getting into the water, and expect to do some running and other conditioning.  After practice, swimmers will have 20-25 minutes to shower, change before we walk together back to campus.  We must leave promptly at 9:45  to ensure arrival at Chisholm Trail High School in time for 2nd period.  Competition suits, sweats/warm-ups, goggles, caps, practice fins, and athletic bags will be provided from our athletics budget.
    This is not a swim lessons class for non-swimmers!  All athletes must be able to swim across the pool on the first day of practice, and we will work on developing and improving all four competitive strokes: crawl (freestyle), breast, back, and butterfly.  There are no official cuts, but swimmers not ready for meets will not be allowed to participate in every meet.
    Our first meet will be toward the end of September. We will have 7 meets between October and January, with district and regional competition taking place in late January and early February.
    All swimmers not completing required workouts will be temporarily assigned to a discipline lane for alternative workouts.
    1st period swimming is a class like all other classes, attendance is required.  Absences will be recorded when a swimmer does not show up for practice.  I will, however, allow 1 day per six week to attend tutoring sessions for students who are failing a course or are in danger of failing. Students must inform me BEFOREHAND if they will be missing practice for tutorials, and I must receive either an e-mail or a signed note from the teacher who was providing tutorials.  Failure to inform me beforehand or to provide a teacher's note will result in deductions from your grade and will count as an unexcused absence for swimming. (not an absence in the official Skyward system, but an absence counting against your eligibility to swim).  Two unexcused absences will result in a swimmer being required to sit out one meet.  Typically five excused absences will result in the same, but there may be some exceptions.
    As in previous years, ALL SWIMMMERS WHO WISH TO COMPETE FOR CHISHOLM TRAIL MUST BE ENROLLED IN 1ST PERIOD SWIMMING/ATHLETICS UNLESS THEY ARE ENROLLED IN ANOTHER ATHLETICS CLASS, ENROLLED AT THE HOLLENSTEIN CENTER, OR HAVE A FIRST PERIOD GRADUATION REQUIREMENT CONFLICT.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Swimmers who are enrolled at the Hollenstein Center or have a first period conflict must provide proof that they are members of a USA Swim Club and working out at least 2 times per week for a minimum of 3 hours, plus show up for morning practices each day and stop practice no earlier than 8:15 to get to first period if they want to compete with Chisholm Trail at meets. Swimmers enrolled in another athletics class must either be enrolled in a USA Swim Club or make our weekly practices before school and provide their own transportation to Chisholm Trail after practice. All swimmers are allowed to join a swim club outside of Chisholm Trail, but being on a club does not allow you to be exempt from team practice.  I am looking for swimmers who are committed to their team, their coach, and their school.  Please do not sign up for swim team if you are not willing to work hard, respect your coach, stay dedicated to your team, and attend all practices.
    Please call 817-320-4410 or e-mail lcleveland@ems-isd.net for any specific questions.