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     I am looking forward to a great year in English, and hope you are too! It is my goal to make this class interesting, challenging, and fun! We will be reading, interpreting, analyzing, and responding to many great pieces of writing this semester, as well as creating our own writing. We will also work on vocabulary and grammar, while improving writing skills in a variety of genres.

    It is very important to attend class, be prepared, participate, and turn in all assignments to be successful in this class. If you are struggling with a particular assignment or piece of writing, ask for help, before you fall behind! I am more than happy to work with you, to help you catch up.

    Looking forward to a great and productive year,

    Mrs. Gunning


    Contact Information

    Lisa Gunning

    Chisholm Trail High School – Room 406

    3100 NW College Dr.

    Ft. Worth, TX 76179


    E-mail: lgunning@ems-isd.net

    School Phone: 817-232-7112 X7139

    Conference Time: 10:00-10:50


    My Schedule

    1st-Engish 2 in room 406


    3rd-English 2 in room 406


    5th-English 2 in room 804

    6th-English 4 in room 403

    7th-English 4 in room 406

    8th-World History in room 719