• Well, howdy, PV!

    I'm the new kid on the block, but I'm no stranger to school leadership. This is my sixth year in EMS ISD: 2 as the Secondary Math Coordinator and 3 as an Assistant Principal at Chisholm Trail High School. I put in a few years in Fort Worth ISD before that, so this is my 9th year in administration.

    In and of itself, my resume is boring. What's really interesting about all 4 of my administrative positions is that I got the jobs right before school started. I have become an expert at "hittin' the ground runnin'."

    ...And that got me to thinking...

    There are a lot of big ideas and terminology floating around these days: innovation, growth mindset, preparing for careers that don't exist yet, etc.

    It seems to me that we humans are simply trying to recapture that quality that made us the dominant species in the first place. After decades of comfort, we are having to learn to be flexible problem solvers.

    This very morning, my 3-year-old was struggling to figure out how to get in the car with his completely empty [insert eye-roll] backpack. (This is a task he completes successfully 5 times a week.) In response to the din of his frustrated grunts, I stated, "You're either a problem solver or a victim, kid. You decide."

    My earnest desire is that we educate our children here at PV to be the former. It takes a mixture of nurturing support and the willingness to let kids struggle (and that's the hard part). In my short time so far, I have found PV the place to make this happen. The teachers are continually reflecting on their practice. We are implementing Lions Quest character development into our advisory period. Our Rennaisance program is positively influencing the culture here ever more boldly.

    In short, I am honored to be here. I have enjoyed every minute so far and look forward to many more opportunities to serve the staff, students, and families of Prairie Vista Middle School!


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