• Howdy Ranger Nation! Below are some questions that we are often asked in the days leading up to testing on our campus. If your question is not answered below, please just let us know and we will be happy to help. 


    What time does testing start?

    All testing on our campus will start at approximately 9:10 a.m.

    How will my Ranger know where to go on testing day?

    Students will receive their testing room assignments via their student email. Student Email Directions

    What if my Ranger is going to be absent on a testing day?

    If you student is absent on a designated EOC (STAAR) testing day, he/she will take the missed exam on the designated make up day. 

    Can my Ranger take his/her EOC (STAAR) exam on the computer?

    Yes, any student can test on the computer. Please just let Mrs. Birdwell know so that it can be arranged before the day of the test. All online testing requests must be made in writing to Mrs. Birdwell two weeks in advance of any EOC test date so that we can ensure that your Ranger is in the right spot with the right test. 

    How do I know what test my Ranger is supposed to take?

    Students will only sit for an EOC exam once they have completed 80% of the course. That does not mean they have to pass 80% of the course, they simply have to have been enrolled in the course. 

    Courses that have an EOC exam that we test are English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Biology, and US History. Typically freshmen are enrolled in Algebra 1, Biology, and English 1 their freshmen year and will then take those EOC exams in the Spring of their freshmen year. Sophomores typically take the English 2 EOC the spring of their sophomore year, while juniors typically take the US History EOC in the Spring of their junior year. Students should never take an EOC exam for a class they have not been enrolled in for at least one school year.   

    Can I bring my Ranger lunch on a testing day?

    Due to testing security, we are closed to deliveries and visitors on EOC testing days. Students are welcome to bring heir own lunch on testing days or they can order a sack lunch from the cafeteria, which will be delivered to the testing room during the designated lunch time. 

    Can I pick my Ranger up for early dismissal on a testing day?

    Yes you can pick your child up, however please keep in mind the following:

    • It will take us longer to locate and retrieve your student, so please plan accordingly,
    • If your student is not done with his/her test, it will be scored accordingly
    • Once your student leave he secure testing room, they will not be allowed back in should he/she return to campus. 
    • Depending on the room that your student is in, we might not be able to disrupt the room once testing has begun. It may be that you have to wait until the room is done testing before we can retrieve your student. Please know this does not happen often, but it can happen.