Work Expectations for Capture

  • Work Expectations for Capture


    1. Students are required to follow the EMSISD Student Code of Conduct handbook and the technology Acceptable Use Policy, and remain in compliance with state attendance laws.
    2. No one may test out of any subject unless specified by the student’s counselor or an administrator.
    3. Students MUST show adequate and sustained progress in assigned classes (usually, at least 10% progress each week).
    4. Students are expected to complete .5 credits every 9 weeks.
    5. Each student will complete all work assigned in the course.
    6. Students are expected to do all assignments in the CAPTURE lab. Special consideration may be given to seniors.  Lead Counselor/Assistant Principal approval is required for special cases.
    7. All quizzes and tests must be taken under teacher supervision.
    8. Students who refuse to comply with classroom rules may be moved to the regular classroom setting for the course. Attendance and non-compliance issues will be dealt with administratively through the discipline referral process.
    9. Students who finish their course(s) prior to the end of the semester must continue to prepare academically. Students may begin additional courses as approved by his/her counselor or may be required to complete subject specific tutorials through Odysseyware.  Students who finish all assigned courses will receive a schedule change at the end of a semester if applicable.