• Welcome to the home of all things 504 as it relates to CTHS. I am the 504 Coordinator for this campus and am happy to help answer any questions that you might have, as well as assist you in navigating the 504 landscape. 

    2020-2021 504 Meeting Schedule

    September 2020-October 2020

    We are holding all annual meetings for incoming freshmen and students new to CTHS during this time frame.

    October 2020-November 2020

    If your Ranger is doing great and does not need any changes, we are going to have what is considered a check in meeting or snap shot. These meeting will be completed before we leave for Christmas break. 

    January 2021

    We will complete any annual meetings that have not already occurred. 

    Please know that if there is ever a need or issues concerning a 504 student we can have a meeting at anytime during the school year. Those meetings can be called/requested by the parent and/or teacher. 

    Frequently Asked 504 Questions

    Do you have a Ranger who is currently receiving 504 services at CTHS?

    If you have a current 504 student, please know that all 504 plans roll up with your student and are implemented on the first day of school. If there is a problem or if ou need assistance with any accommodation, please email your concern to me at jsanchez@ems-isd.net with your concern to that I can follow up for your family. 

    What if my Ranger is an incoming freshmen?

    Not a problem! If your student was receiving 504 services at one of our middle school campuses, that plan rolls up with your student and is immediately implemented on the first day of school.

    What if my Ranger transferred into the district from a school outside of EMS ISD?

    No worries here either, once we get your Ranger's records I input the 504 plan that you had at your previous school and notify your Ranger's teachers of the new plan.  Please know that there could be some lag time between when you register and when we receive your students records. 

    What if I think my Ranger needs 504 services?

    That is not a problem either, please contact me at jsanchez@ems-isd.net  with your concerns and we will being the referral process. 

     Do you have more questions? 

    If you have additional questions or would like additional information regarding 504 services in EMS ISD, please visit our districts website. EMS ISD 504 Information