• Building futures  Welcome to ManUP! We are a program designed to teach young men leadership skills and the traits of manhood. From shaking a hand and introducing yourself while looking another person in the eye, to serving your school and community, and learning the value of strong character, ManUP! is a class that reaches out to young men at Prairie Vista Middle School. 

    We strive to recognize young men who show leadership potential and then help them realize that potential. We use team-building projects and games, student-oriented service projects, Socratic seminars, guest speakers, and hands on applications and outdoor education to reach and teach our members. Each member joins a bond most closely related to brotherhood with the other members and they come to call on one another as just that: brothers.

    ManUP! candidates are self-nominated, as well as teacher recommended. Students can apply to join ManUP! during the late part of the first semester in sixth grade. Once they have applied via filling out their application paperwork, they are then put through an interview process. A second interview helps the ManUP! leadership team make final selections for the incoming members, which typically average around 20 new members. Once selected, these young men will remain a part of the ManUP! class and brotherhood throughout their remaining sixth grade year, as well as all of seventh and eighth grade.

    If you are interested in joining ManUP!, or volunteering with our group, please contact either Coach Dodson, or Coach Galbreath. We always welcome guest speakers - if you would like to speak to our group about your career field and the importance of strong character and leadership, we'd love to hear from you, also!  Please email: bdodson@ems-isd.net or bgalbreath@ems-isd.net.