• Goals of the Chisholm Trail High School Tennis Program


    1. Standard of Excellence- To enable every student to be the very best that they can be.  Not only on the tennis court, but also in the classroom and in all other activities as well.


    1. Lifestyle of Work Ethic and Self-discipline- To set goals and achieve them takes dedication and hard work.  Knowing that you have done everything you can to be the best that you can be is true success.  The coaches will make every effort to push you to achieve your maximum potential.  You will not be allowed to settle for less than your best!


    1. Teamwork and Unity- The goal is not to develop outstanding individual athletes, but to encourage teamwork and a spirit of unity- working towards a common goal.  Remaining positive towards both yourself and your teammates is essential!


    1. Character and Sportsmanship- While one of the goals when you step on the tennis court should always be to win, it is much more important to work hard and do your best.  Win, lose, or draw you are expected to maintain an attitude of good sportsmanship.


    1. Have Fun!- Tennis is a sport that should be enjoyed and we desire to build a team that cares for one another and enjoys each other.  Tennis is a lifetime sport and we hope that through the CTHS tennis team we build lifetime relationships, skills, and friendships.