• Player Expectations

    The following are expectations that we have of any player who is a part of the Chisholm Trail High School tennis program.

    1. Attendance: 
    • Attend practice every day- Tennis class is the same as any other class.  New information is taught daily.  Players are expected to be there unless the coach has be notified. 
    • Be on time- You are expected to show up ready to play every day on time. Matches and practice times will vary depending on the season.  It is your responsibility to be aware of the schedule and comply with it. 
    • Come prepared- Everyone is expected to bring appropriate work out attire and equipment every day we have class or a match.  Do not assume that we do not have practice or that you will not be playing in that match.  That is not an excuse and consequences will follow.  


    1. Conduct:

    Appropriate conduct is expected both on the court (practices, matches, tournaments, etc) as well as off the court (school, community, etc).  Being an athlete is being a role model.  We will not do anything that reflects negatively on our school or team.  Inappropriate conduct can result in immediate default of a match or possible dismissal from the team. 

    • Inappropriate conduct- Conduct such as yelling, racket throwing, and other disruptive and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
    • Respect Authority-                 Proper respect will be demonstrated at all times to those in position of authority.  This includes but is not limited to teachers, coaches, administrators, and officials.
    • Profanity- will not be tolerated!!


    1. Responsibility: 
    • Equipment and Property- Players will be responsible for their equipment.  Some equipment will be issued, and it is the player’s responsibility to keep up with it.  If equipment is lost or damaged the player must replace it at his/her expense. 
    • Grades- Players will be responsible in the classroom.  This includes turning in all assignments complete and on time.  The “No Pass No Play” rule is in effect.  If a player knows that he/she will miss class for a match or tournament, the player needs to talk to that teacher as soon as possible and get any make-up work before the missed day of class.  Turn in the work early if possible.
    • Property- Players will respect all tennis facilities, both home and away, as well as school and community property. 


    1. Effort and Attitude: 
    • Effort- 100% effort is expected every day.  You need to practice and play with enthusiasm.  Never settle for less than your best.  Make effort a habit.
    • Team Player- Each player is an important part of our team and has a vital role to play in determining our ultimate success.  Commitment and dedication to team goals is essential.


    1. Attire: 

    Appropriate attire and proper equipment are necessary at all times since it develops the attitude of individual players and influences the perception of the program.


    • Appropriate Attire- The attire requirements are as follows:
    1. Proper court shoes and socks
    2. No cut-offs, halter tops, or inappropriate attire
    3. School uniform for all matches and tournaments is required.


    • Proper Equipment- Each player is responsible for bringing the necessary equipment needed for full participation to each activity, both practices and matches. Players will be issued team attire, and it is his/her responsibility to maintain and bring this attire to specified activities.  



    You, as a student athlete, are responsible for your actions.  Breaking school, classroom, or athletic rules are choices and must have consequences.  Consequences may include removal from practice, suspension from a match or tournament, removal from the team, or additional conditioning.  In addition, if there are problems in the community, consequences will be severe.  You may be the only representative of our program that people see.  You are a member of something great, being suspended for breaking rules hurts the tem and the entire tennis program at Chisholm Trail.


    Team Placement 

    Players will play preseason (tryouts) matches, then once the school year starts they will have weekly matches to have the opportunity to move up the tennis ladder.  The challenge ladder may not always coincide with the match line-up.  The coaches are responsible for deciding who plays each line number in the line-up.  Although the ladder is a big factor in determining your placement on the team, it is not the only one.  Your conditioning, attitude, effort, sportsmanship, attendance, and overall willingness to listen, learn, and improve are all very important in the coaches decision as it regards to the teams line-up. 


    Travel Policy 

    We will travel to off-campus matches in an EMS vehicle.  Travelling with the team to all matches and tournaments is a requirement.  Team building is an important part of our program.  Pre-game and post-game interaction among players is an excellent opportunity to support each other and share in successes and failures.  All Players need to stay and support each other until all team matches are done.  If a player’s parent needs them to ride home with them they will provide a written note to the coach.




    If players or parents have any Chisholm Trail tennis related issues or questions please let the coaches know.  The only issues that we can’t address and solve are the ones we don’t know about.