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The Talon - Highland's Yearbook.

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    Our Back to school campaign is over and was very successful!  Many, many students took advantage of the reduced price and free extras in ordering their yearbooks!  

    The cost of the yearbook this year will be $40.  However, there are a few considerations for this expense.  

    1. The Highland yearbook will still be the least expensive yearbook your child will have from here forward!  The Saginaw Yearbook averages around $80 if you buy it early!  
    2. This is oiur Vol. 20!  That's right!  Our 20th year of producing a yearbook for Highland, and we have a lot of fun in store!  Comparisons and special features just to begin!
    3. Additional Pages!  Because of the special anniversary, there will be roughly eight additional pages to the yearbook. This includes a little additional space for Honor Ads!
    4. A yearbook is the only document that is referred to again and again in a lifetime.  Each one is a special moment cut out of time to treasure.


    Make checks payable to Highland Middle School.  

    All checks must have driver's license number and a good phone on a pre-printed check (no temporary checks), for the correct amount.

    We are unable to take any form of electronic payment.

    Please send correct total amount.  We are unable to make change.

    Honor Ads

    Honor ads space is limited.  Only a few pages are available for purchase online.  A few more are only available through contacting me, Mrs. Youngblood.

    1/4 page - $25

    1/2 page - $40

    1 Page - $60.


    First purchased, first reserved for content.  Two pages are already filled!  This is the least expensive that an Honor Ad will ever be for you to order for your child.  Contact me by email to set aside appointment time to design the ad space for your student today.  Just bring 2-6 digital photographs that you would want on the page to your appointment.  Or, do it all on line! 


    As always, the yearbooks will be delivered to the students at school on the last Friday before the last day of school in May.