• Reading

    This is a resource that will help you support your child's love of reading at home.  It has useful links to help the struggling reader as well as some links to encourage the joy of reading.  So glad you stopped in!
    MUST Have Chapter Books:  Ready to move on to chapter books?  Check out this great list.  There are lots of good ones on here...some that I have enjoyed myself!
    Books for Reluctant Readers: Boys' Edition:  Are you on a mission to find a book that will interest your son?  Is he a reader "but only when he has to be"?  Here is the list for YOU!  Check out these amazing titles and get him "hooked on reading" today!
    Series Books and BEYOND!:  Don't you love it when you find a fabulous book...and then it ends?  Ugh!  Look no more...find the "right series" for you. I remember reading some of these when I was in 2nd grade...yes, that was a million years ago!
    40 Chapter Books for Girls:  There are some CLASSICS on this list! Head to your local library today and reserve you one.
    Books for the Non-Fiction Fan:  I have so many students this year that LOVE a good non-fiction book.  From sharks to hurricanes to roller coasters and more, pick a topic of your choice and find those books. They are out there!
    11 Awesome Reading Websites:  The first one is my FAVE!  We love Storyline Online at the Ridge.  There are lots of other favorites listed too...kid tested!
    Book It!  Pizza Hut Reading Program...coming soon!

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    This is a resource to help you practice your Spelling patterns.  Each each week I will upload the anchor chart that we create together in class.  It will have all Spelling pattern(s) with examples, as well as the 5 Fry words to study.